Monday, June 13, 2011

musings On monday (no. 1)

(alternate title: my incredibly random veiws on brackets and soda.)
What I'm musing about today:

-I've been thinking, musing, what is the whole bracket email thing? (So sorry to those of you who have your email advertised as such)
I do know that its just to represent a real email with the @'s and .'s Is it supposed to be artsy or something? Probably so haha. :)


-For those of you who don't know me personally, I don't drink soda; and I'm constantly telling my family and friends that they shouldn't either :) No really. I think many Americans consume so much soda, that it's really going to become a serious issue. (it already is somewhat) When somebody asks why they shouldn't drink soda, I say "Because it's so bad for you." ( I probably could have come up with a more original response haha) Anyway. The above picture shows all the effects that soda can do to a person. Now do you see how serious this is???

So, what are your opinions of emails with brackets and soda?
I love you so much!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


1. I never wear hats. Ever. (except for tonight, I was in an extremely weird mood.)
yucky point and shoot photo.

2. One of my rules in life: If you want to ask someone something, ask it after they eat.  
Never. Fails.To.Get. A.Better.Response.Seriously.

3. (another wardrobe fact) People generally accessorize with black or brown. Me? Bring on the brown baby.

4. I am obsessed with poloraids. Really.

 5. I love my dad. That is all.

I love you!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Win or Fail Wednesday (no. 1)


So I decided to really bring out the cliche bloggy stuff this week. Like a surprise attack or something.
Win or (and) Fail Wednesday.

-Mom made cinnamon rolls. again. yes. 
-the camcorder that I want is on sale! just need to cough up the schmolies....
-I have time for a nap this afternoon.

-the cicadas. yuck. yesterday, at track they were everywhere. i kid you not, they were squished all over the track, and one almost flew in my mouth. moving on....
-out here in the country, from some weird reason, we can only use so much internet, and right now we're reaching our threshold, soooo no more watching youtube videos for me for a while. darn. 
-I'm a serious procrastinator people. big time. (as in: I have this final and this paper...that was due 2 weeks ago.......ugh.)

What are your wins and fails for today?
I love you soooo much!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

its weird to be posting milestones that happened today, and its only noon. ha.

snackage this morning.
2472. messages sent and received. in 3 weeks. whoa.
Mom made cinnamon rolls from scratch on Saturday. completely irrelevant. they were good though.


wow. this post is all over the place haha.
I love you so much :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Musings on Monday. True Story


Well people of the world, I'm doing one of those cliche blogging category thingys.
Musings on Monday.
ha. ha. HA.
I don't know what I 'm going to talk about on these Mondays for the rest of my blogging career. Just thoughts, and random stuff. Maybe I should call it Random Monday. But that doesn't sound as legit as musings On monday. (why the capitilized O and not the M's? I felt like it. Thats why :)
Soooo I don't have any musings to say today, but, I have a fun post planned for Wednesday so stay tuned :)
Or I don't know any other way to say stay tuned in a cute bloggy sort of way, so just check your Google Reader. K? k.

I love you!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Bribe Jar Results + Scary Vortexes


So, here is the birthday shoot as promised. I told Jeremiah: "pose like a model for me" and he gave me the above action.

He's spunky, that one.

Here a few of my favorites, Joel was in a good mood so he jumped in a couple as well.


Our creek overflowed and as a result we had these  super scary vortexes. We crossed the creek during the shoot, so I naturally took pictures :)
I put my camera on top of the electrical box...probably not the smartest idea...oh well! (I don't know what kind of face I'm making on the left photo...actually both of them. Please ignore my creepy faces)
^^^^^I have come to the conclusion that my shirt in the photo above completely washes me out.^^^^^^

Which photo is your favorite?

I love you!

p.s. All photos are SOOC

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sneak Peek


sneek peek of Jeremiahs birthday shoot. is this cheesy? I can't decide.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The bribe jar and it's superpowers

taking photos of him is a challenge. but a truly fun one :)

I'm going to go do an actual photoshoot of my 7 year old brother today. I told him "If you let me take like 200 pictures of you, and pick your outfit, I'll let you take two prizes from my bribe jar."

Ok, so The Bribe Jar is something I created about 6 months ago. Over time I've bought little prizes, or just get them from parties and events I go to. And now, it's full of little things that would make a little boy or girl squeal...
And....*cough cough* do anything for. Hence the name: The Bribe Jar. It really is a wonderfully convenient thing to have. Surprisingly my mom didn't mind. (as long as the bribe doesn't involve my chores)

So today I'm putting The Bribe Jar's superpowers to good use and gonna go do a birthday shoot for Jeremiah. I'm very excited :)

Results in an upcoming post! (annddd I'm still working on that fishtail tutorial, it's coming people. I promise)

I love you!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello, sweet, sweet summer

Summer is finally here!!!
green grass. barefootness. sunlight. :)
(please do *not* notice my short vein-y feet. thank you)

blue, blue, sky

sunlight streaming through the trees.
SUN. I'm officially alive again.

sun in spiderwebs. (sorry, I'm kinda sun-deprived, so thats pretty much all I can think about)(linking up to Carlotta's challenge)

Are you enjoying the beautiful weather called summer?

I love you!