My name is Julia
i believe in God, i run, i dance.
i live on  20 acres with my parents and two little brothers. 

random things:
 mexican food is my favorite
i love to travel. love it.
Aussie mousse is the best.
people and flowers are my favorite things to photograph
when in doubt, wear a tutu (it will most certainly make your day better)
i have many, many hobbies. 
my nerd level= 6 or 7 getting an html code to work is thrilling.
vintage is awesome. (and I loved it before it was popular. just saying)
i have recently been enjoying fashion and such.
pinterest is amazing.
i love acting. 
i love to take pictures. 
last november i bought a Canon Rebel XS. I really like it! *love* it.
 i like superman capes.
the best colors for me are bright green, and deep red. (ho ho ho merry christmas) 
i work for the magazine, Inspired by Him 
 i hope you enjoy reading my blog