Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The bribe jar and it's superpowers

taking photos of him is a challenge. but a truly fun one :)

I'm going to go do an actual photoshoot of my 7 year old brother today. I told him "If you let me take like 200 pictures of you, and pick your outfit, I'll let you take two prizes from my bribe jar."

Ok, so The Bribe Jar is something I created about 6 months ago. Over time I've bought little prizes, or just get them from parties and events I go to. And now, it's full of little things that would make a little boy or girl squeal...
And....*cough cough* do anything for. Hence the name: The Bribe Jar. It really is a wonderfully convenient thing to have. Surprisingly my mom didn't mind. (as long as the bribe doesn't involve my chores)

So today I'm putting The Bribe Jar's superpowers to good use and gonna go do a birthday shoot for Jeremiah. I'm very excited :)

Results in an upcoming post! (annddd I'm still working on that fishtail tutorial, it's coming people. I promise)

I love you!

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Bri said...

u r brilliant ;)