Friday, April 29, 2011

post royal wedding

I really did wake up at 2:55 this morning to watch the royal wedding. My mom and little brother did too. Afterwards, our living room looked like this:
post 3am party

I said I wasn't going to watch it live, but what is the point of watching it recorded? It was most definitely worth it.
Kate looked stunning in her (what looked like Grace Kelly inspired) dress designed by...designed by...I can't remember (I am too tired to Google it)

They make an adorable couple. I love her dress.

I am going to take a seriously needed nap later today...but I think I'm just going to go turn on the coverage of the wedding and watch some more :)

attemping to stay awake and failing miserably

still trying...please pray for me :)

Did you join the millions watching the royal wedding on television? If you did, you understand how I feel.

I love you!



Ruthy said...

she looks amazing and and and..... VINTAGE!

Carly said...

Hey Julia. Ruthie left your blog up on my computer, so I'm gonna follow it. Cuz that's how I roll.

Julia said...

Haha ok :)