Thursday, May 5, 2011

how to: enrich your life + a disclaimer

I love naps. I'm dearly hope you know that a nap will truly enrich your day/life. You take naps right???? Right?? I am not just a super weird nap-loving country girl?

I have been slacking majorly on my blog. I'm sorry. Right now I am lacking some very important things to have a successful blog:
  1. time.
  2. time.
  3. a good picture
  4. time.
Maybe this is due to the hours I spend napping in the afternoon. (hehe) And possibly the hours I spend reading other blogs. Oh and Pinterest. (The source of all the photos above.)
I need to go outside and take some lovely pictures of this gorgeous spring we're having in my neck of the woods.

I am going to an old hollywood movie star party on Saturday. More on that in an upcoming post! :)

I love you much!

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