Sunday, May 15, 2011

In a balance



Both are extremes.

But there is something in between.

And it's a terrible place to be.

Right now, my 20 year old cousin is in the balance between life and death.
He was in a terrible car accident on Friday. Due to military duties, Austin (my cousin) was stationed in Japan when the accident happened. He has a small bleed on his brain, he is in a coma, he is also on a dialysis machine.

Austin is dealing with all of this.
But I believe in "Austin is *not*"
Because I believe in Jesus.
And Jesus heals.

This is incredibly hard, because this is the third *serious* accident the Ray family (over 80 people) has gone through in the past 4 years. Two of them claimed the lives of my 19 year old cousin, and my Grandma.
Please pray Austin's family. Pray for life.
Please pray for the Ray family.
Please pray for my family.
Thank you so much.

God is still so, so good.


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