Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Win or Fail Wednesday (no. 1)

So I decided to really bring out the cliche bloggy stuff this week. Like a surprise attack or something.
Win or (and) Fail Wednesday.

-Mom made cinnamon rolls. again. yes. 
-the camcorder that I want is on sale! just need to cough up the schmolies....
-I have time for a nap this afternoon.

-the cicadas. yuck. yesterday, at track they were everywhere. i kid you not, they were squished all over the track, and one almost flew in my mouth. moving on....
-out here in the country, from some weird reason, we can only use so much internet, and right now we're reaching our threshold, soooo no more watching youtube videos for me for a while. darn. 
-I'm a serious procrastinator people. big time. (as in: I have this final and this paper...that was due 2 weeks ago.......ugh.)

What are your wins and fails for today?
I love you soooo much!


Ruthy said...

I KNOW ABOUT CICADAS!!!!!! Ok so walking out of my allergy doctor yesterday I was BOMBARDED by TWO cicadas and I SCREAMED and ran to the car. True story.

Anonymous said...

summer is finally here weather-wise.

is it just me or does procrastination have something to do with teenagers? (as in: have more math, more piano, church stuff, birthday stuff, cpr class/camp stuff...)

Ruthy said...

Only you and your Lego loving brothers would understand that pic

Julia said...

Haha yeah, but I loved the lego photo so much, I couldn't help but share it :)
Amber- yeah it definitely might. I'm sooo happy that the weather is finally acting warm and happy :)

Ruthy said...

Haha your amazing!

Ella said...

I was in Columbia this week... ther were millions of cicadas under a huge oak tree on Mizzou campus. Yuck!